Hello... I'm Manal! 

A life coach + Happiness EnthusiasT!

Through my coaching, workshops and community initiatives - I support multi-passionate, courageous, and smart women move towards their potential by helping them make intentional, empowered choices. 

What we do everyday matters. 

What you do every day is at the core of what your life looks like. I’m excited about helping you cultivate kick-ass habits that go hand-in-hand with how you want your life to look and feel. That’s where we focus our energy on, the things that matter to you.  I love learning about how the science of habits, happiness, and wellbeing can drive us forward, personally and professionally. Based on everything I’ve learned, our work together will delve into how we can make decisions, choose behaviours and take actions that align with your values and goals. 

Why does this matter?

In my own life, I had pushed the autopilot button and was cruising at “nothing quite feels right but, if I focus my attention on these external things maybe, one day, it’ll all be better.” In my former life, I was a Human Resources Manager. I worked hard, and I knew what I wanted, maybe. I learned a ton but constantly stressed, and struggling to find meaning in a life that didn’t feel meaningful was not cutting it. Ever need a nap even before you sip your morning coffee and sit at your work computer? When you’re always getting ready for the future you aren’t really living in the present. And there’s where I was, living everywhere but in the present. It didn’t matter what I achieved, it was never enough. After years of going around in circles, if something didn’t change, I’d have to resign to feeling crappy forever. 

What I did want was to work BETTER, not harder; use my strengths, increase optimism, feel confident in my abilities to deal with challenges that came my way, and do good in my community. That’s when I started focusing on what I do every single day to realize what I was capable of. That’s what want that for you. To realize what’s possible in your own life. I want you to tap into a pool of joy! I know you have this quiet power that’s ready to be unleashed. 

This is why I’m here; to co-create a space that helps you move towards your potential. You can achieve your goals, and live a fulfilling life when you take meaningful daily action. That’s why I love habits! Habits are the result of consistent actions and choices we make over time. When you choose habits that align with our values, you can make THOSE actions and reactions automatic. Then, you’ve got all this free time to do others things that you really care about. Change doesn’t have to be drastic; long-lasting change is making everyday choices that are right for YOU.

I’m so happy you’re here! If you want to learn more:

Happiness is the joy you feel moving towards your potential.
— Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage