What the community is saying..




"This morning I was trying to use the machines at the laundry mat and was confused. A lady helped me. There was no reason she needed to, but she could see I was struggling. Later in the day, I was walking by the laundry mat and I caught her eyes and we shared a smile. A smile that indicated that we valued the life that existed in each other. Regardless of what brought us to that moment, there we were, sharing a smile. Since working with Manal I have shared a lot more smiles. Manal has helped me open up to see the tiny daily gems that make life so beautiful. 

Having Manal as my life coach has helped me to be more aware of the dialogue that goes on in my head. It has helped me to accept but not always listen to that negative voice (which some folks call ego), while allowing my dreams to exist. Working with Manal has opened me up to life, the beauty and the pain, and to approach it with curiosity. 

I love the space Manal creates during our sessions. I am able to be my silly, laughter filled and dancing self while also being challenged to think about my internal dialogue, skills, values, and future intentions. I still have a lot of work to do, but with Manal I am excited to face it."

Tricia E.   Jewelry Designer, Blogger, Engineer


"Manal is a gifted listener.  In other similar settings I have felt like my story or my professional issues were “too much” --- Too much feeling, too much information, too much context.  But with Manal it felt easy to share and be received.  I had such deep insights thanks to this powerful container.  Her combination of intellect and compassion helped me be more honest and more courageous in my life path."

Nadia C.  Poet, Facilitator & Artist


"Life has had a revival of movement, changes and clarity since I began coaching sessions with Manal. She is continually challenging me to evaluate decisions and situations from a different view. She is an amazing source of encouragement and positivity that has pushed me forward in more ways than I can thank her."

Katie M.  Managing Director at HUB Ottawa


"The effects of Manal's coaching have been profound and lasting. In a single session, she helped me gain new insights into old experiences in a way that has been truly empowering. her ability to deeply listen and ask the right questions has enabled me to wade through fear and anxiety to a place where I can rediscover both my values and the capacity to build the life I want. Thank you."

Rhiana C. Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer

"I’ve been working with Manal for a few months. In that time, I’ve seen some of my business goals reached and others are on track for completion. Manal is friendly, caring, and knowledgable. She is supportive and firm, keeping me focused and on task. She has a lot of experience and resources available through her years as a consultant in Canada and abroad. I look forward to our meetings and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants some assistance in refining an intention in their personal life or building a new business."

Jamine A.  Entrepreneur & Yoga Teacher


"I met with Manal at a junction point in my life. It was my first time being coaching and was terrified of 'being examined' by Manal, but perhaps even more, by myself. With Manal's help, I answer some tough questions about what I wanted professionally and personally. together, we identified the "things" that were most important to me, and established goals in helping better align "who I am" with "what I do". I am making progress and Manal's support has been invaluable."

Caroline Y. Photographer, Dancer, Blogger

I want to take the opportunity to thank those that so willingly and lovingly supported me and have continued to support me. My clients make me a better person. 

Peace & Love,

Manal xo