1 x 1 Coaching

There's so many reasons why you're reading this right now. You're feeling unclear, stuck, unsatisfied and you know deep down that you're meant for something more.  You might have an inkling of what your life might look and feel like but maybe, you don't know how to create that life.  Taking action... that's the hardest part!  To change our lives, we have to take a deeper look at how we live every day of our lives!

This is where I can help. Together, we co-create the space for self-awareness, exploration and action, based on what YOU want and what'll makes you feel flow, enthusiasm & fulfillment

So you're here, exploring what to do next right?! Click on each image below for the dose of goodness that you can expect from the coaching relationship:

The Coaching Process includes:

The consultation. Before we begin, we'll meet for a 45-minute consultation. My goal is to get to know you better! The consultation will give us an opportunity to talk about where you are right now and what changes you want to make. We'll also discuss what you can expect from our partnership and we'll prepare for our first session. Imagine the possibilities! 

One-on-one coaching. We'll begin our sessions together - in person or over Skype. This is where we go deep. Long-lasting change happens through everyday intentional choices and what you do everyday matters! I'll help you build a life that matters and aligns with what's important to you. Everything we talk about during our sessions is completely personalized to YOU

  • Our sessions will focus on your values and intentions; the limitations and barriers keeping you from living out your intentions; goals and action steps that will move you forward; and the daily habits and behaviours that will be the foundation of a happy, creative and fulfilling life. 
  • After each session, you'll receive the notes to review what we talked about. Reviewing the session notes will spark thoughts, insights and will help you reflect on what came up during our session. 
  • With the session notes, you will also receive additional questions, worksheets and resources that align with the action steps we agreed to take. 

Action steps in between sessions. You are here, right now, because you know you want to make a change. We want to keep the momentum going! We'll agree on action steps and homework do be done between our sessions. It's fun, I promise!

Email support. I'm here to support you! I encourage you to reach out in between sessions when you need additional support, encouragement and clarity. If you start to hesitate or feel fear to move forward, all you have to do is reach out and I'll be there! I also want to hear about the successes and A-ha moments along the way so share your wins with me! 

let's Create together

We'll create a space for mindfulness, happiness + change. In our coaching adventure I'll support you to find clarity, focus, and flow, everyday of your life! The process is one-on-one and personalized for YOU, because you are unique and deserve to express your true self

What I want for you is to live a life that you've intentionally created. Happy, meaningful, and that you're enthusiastic about every day! Are you ready to explore and embrace your happy reasons? It'll be fun!!

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” 
― T.S. EliotFour Quartets