Hi... I'm Manal! 

A life coach + Happiness EnthusiasT!

A few years back, I was investing my time and energy towards a life I that I thought brought me meaning. After a while of going through the motions, I couldn't shake this feeling of feeling deeply unhappy. That my friends, opened the door to get curious about what was really important. If something didn't feel right, maybe something needed to be changed. But, as we all know change is hard. I was so 'wrong' about what was right for me. The longer I was in the 'wrong' place, the harder it was to move forward. I felt anxious, unsatisfied, sluggish and unfocused. We've all been there right?

Fear based thinking kept me in the same place for a long time but, I finally found the courage to to quit my job, move half way around the world, and muddy the waters.  I won't lie, I had a hard time leaving the people I love and the comfort zone I had created. But, I had a lot of things to figure out. This drastic change was one of the hardest decisions I've every had to make. But taking this risked opened my life up and created the space I needed to learn, make mistakes, fail, get back up and keep moving forward.

I've been lucky enough to have met and lived with people from many parts of the world. My own childhood was spent living as an expat and that's had an immense impact on how I see the world and my role in it. It made me curious and reflective.  It taught me that generally people want the same thing; health and happiness for themselves and their loved ones. Throughout my childhood, people came and went and at the age of 14, it was me who left to attend boarding school and then university. Those experiences helped me understand that change is the only thing that's a constant. The process of change can be instigated by an external experience, but ultimately, true change starts from the inside out. In my own life, I knew that some things were out of my control, but what I could do was control how I reacted to my experiences. 

Change is challenging and without support and encouragement it can be even more so. I found myself feeling fulfilled when I was able to offer that support to my community and loved ones. Change doesn't have to be bold. Change happens everyday by make different choices. 

remember, What We Do Everyday Matters. 

After I graduated from University, I went back to live with my parents and landed my first full-time job in the corporate world . That's how I spent the next 7 years; moving forward in a career I thought I wanted until I realized that I didn't. I left my corporate job and that blew everything wide open. This is where my curiosity about habits and my focus on happiness comes in. We all have a different definition of happiness. I love to this one:

Happiness is the joy you feel moving towards your potential.
— Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

If most of us want to be happy but feel unhappy with parts of our lives, can we make different choices that serve us better and make us happier?

On my own path, I'm constantly learning, clarifying and every step I take propels me forward. That's what the coaching relationship does. It supports you to clarify what's important to you and why. When you know what's important, your choices become a reflection of your values.  



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